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About me

Launched in 2022 for psychiatric nurses interested in starting a side hustle.


The Quiet Nerves Co. is here to help you leverage your unique skill set in order to create a profitable service or small business.


If you’d like to increase your impact while earning some extra cash this is the place for you!

Increase your impact doing what you love!

I teach you to tap into your unique talents and create a side hustle that aligns with your skill set.


"Change is inevitable. Growth is optional."

John C. Maxwell
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Blog Posts

Identify your profitable skills & create an impactful side hustle! 

Check out our talks.


Use entrepreneurship to create a life of service doing what you love. 

My Story

One of my earliest memories was going with my dad to work. He was a serial entrepreneur. 


He was so good with people especially his customers. And he showed me everything there was to running the business.


He would let me engage with the customers, make sales, & help count the cash. 


At 16yo I wrote my first business plan. It was for a baby sitting business. 


Though I actually went on to further my education & work for others as the years went by. 


Eventually I was bit by the entrepreneur bug all over again. I am now the owner of two businesses and a partner in another. 


And I show up just as I was taught to provide excellent customer service and so much more.


 The Quiet Nerves Co. is designed for psychiatric nurses interested in starting a side hustle. Let us help you provide a profitable service, side job, or small business. 


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