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About me

Launched in 2021 for women held back by fear yet wanting more out of life. 


The Quiet Nerves Co. is here to help you take the action steps today and realize your dreams tomorrow!



If you’d like to gain new skills and want to have vision for your future this is the place for you!

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I teach you to be free from fear, set the goals you desire, and action steps to accomplish your dreams.


I have been a registered nurse for 8yrs and a professional psychiatric evaluation nurse for about the last 4yrs. 


I am currently pursuing my doctoral degree to work as a psychiatric nurse practitioner.


In 2016 my dad passed away. I was completely devastated. I developed anxiety, panic attacks, and needed medication.


It wasn’t until I learned about the kind of love that pursues me, the love of Jesus, that I was set free from fear (and medication).


Your part, my part, is to believe you can!

"Change is inevitable. Growth is optional."

John C. Maxwell
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Blog Posts

Crush fear, set goals, and take the action steps today! 

This blog is designed for women to serve as a resource for direction and encouragement. 

Check out our talks. 


To shift thoughts of fear to flourishing thoughts of opportunity. 

My Story

I was my parents ‘why’ child. For as long as I can remember I was interested in why things were so.


That curiosity has fueled my life long learning. I have taken a course about something every two years since graduating high school.


I was 25 and had been on my job for roughly 4yrs. In that time I received three promotions.


Still unsatisfied with jobs, I began college courses to start a career as a registered nurse.


Fast forward a few years and you guessed it, I am back in school! In addition, I am the owner of two businesses and a partner in another.


Personal growth affords you the opportunity to reach new heights.

Download this printable planner for month-by-month planning with God. Plan your next big dream today!


The Quiet Nerves Co. is designed for women who want more.  Let us help you move past fear, boldly set goals, and fulfill your purpose!


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