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FREE Planner: How to Crush Fear and Discover your Purpose

  • I went from struggling with panic attacks to living without fear.
  • I now not only have revelation of my purpose, I’m actively pursuing it.
  • I’ve helped just about everyone in my workplace office to find and go after their next dream.
You Got This!!!

ready to stop avoiding your calling. you can be fearless. driven. fulfilled.

Do you want to do something different with your life, career, education or business but not sure what?

Want to expand your impact but not sure where or how? Not clear on what God’s plans are for you?

Welcome! My name is Aneesah, a professional psychiatric evaluation nurse turned blogger.

I help women whose breakthrough has been put-off, to crush fear and doubt so that they find and fulfill their God-given purpose. 


Create a new mindset! Boldly set life goals! Realize your unique assignment!

How Can I Help You?

The Power of Mindsets


Plan ahead set goals


Productivity tips and tools


Follow along the journey

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The Quiet Nerves Co. is designed for women who want more.  Let us help you move past fear, boldly set goals, and fulfill your purpose!


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